Nov 1, 2009

Windows XP Makes it to The Mobile Phone Arena

In this day and age it seems like annihilation you see on your PC MUST be transported to a adaptable accessory for it to ability everyone. That isn’t belted to aloof applications etc. but we’re talking abounding operating systems that accept been ported toa adaptable device. Take this, the Chinese Company ITG’s xPhone that was showcased a while aback at Computex.

The acutely rather ample accessory with a abounding absolute QWERTY accelerate out keypad could, as letters say, accord the N900 or conceivably alike the DROID from Motorola a run for their money. Designed to absorb a buzz into an internet book or the added way about depending on your claimed alternative the xp Phone (yes absolutely the accurate name isn’t it, keeps things in perspective) runs on a adaptable adaptation of Windows XP.Along with AMD Mobile CPU and 512Mb/1GB anamnesis,

it additionally appearance
* 4.8-inch touchscreen affectation with a 800×480 pixel resolution
* Quad bandage - GSM and CDMA, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX (optional)
* Slide out QWERTY keyboard
* Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB
* Camera
* Dual adamantine drives: SSD (8/16/32/64GB) and HDD (30/60/80/120GB)

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The aggregation additionally claims up to 7 hours of connected use with accepted battery, 12 hours with continued battery. According to a schematic angel showcased in one address , the accessory will affection a aeronautics pad as able-bodied as a blow pad for the aforementioned for use as an optical abrasion pad. All of this is arranged into a rather abundant amalgamation of about 400 grams. Not article you can about backpack about in your abridged after addition arising that old agitation – is that your buzz or are you aloof blessed to see me. The accessory will additionally artlessly be able to accompany with casework that action the action like Google’s Gmail, MS Exchange etc.

Even though there seems to be other report saying that the handset is up for preorder for specific carriers the website itself seems quite elusive. Pricing or availability are therefore unknown.

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