Oct 7, 2009

Nokia -Eco sensor Concept

At the acid bend of innovation
We anticipate developing adaptable technologies in new means to advice us all abate our ecology footprint. To accommodated our approaching vision, the Nokia Research Center accurate by Nokia designers conceived the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept. Our abstracted architecture abstraction is a adaptable buzz and accordant analysis accessory that will advice you break affiliated to your accompany and admired ones, as able-bodied as to your bloom and bounded environment. You can additionally allotment the ecology abstracts your analysis accessory collects and appearance added users’ aggregate data, thereby accretion your all-around ecology awareness.

The concept
The abstraction consists of two genitalia – a wearable sensor assemblage which can faculty and assay your environment, health, and bounded acclimate conditions, and a committed adaptable phone.
The sensor assemblage will be beat on a wrist or close band fabricated from solar beef that accommodate ability to the sensors. NFC (near acreage communication) technology will broadcast advice by blow from the sensors to the buzz or to or to added accessories that abutment NFC technology.
Both the buzz and the sensor assemblage will be as bunched as accessible to abbreviate actual use, and those abstracts acclimated in the architecture will be renewable and/or reclaimed. Technologies acclimated central the buzz and sensor assemblage will additionally advice save energy.

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Stay in blow with your bloom and bounded environment
To advice accomplish you added acquainted of your bloom and bounded ecology conditions, the Nokia Eco Sensor Abstraction will accommodate a separate, wearable analysis accessory with detectors that aggregate environment, health, and/or acclimate data.
You will be able to accept which sensors you would like to accept central the analysis device, thereby customizing the accessory to your needs and desires. For example, you could use the accessory as a “personal trainee” if you were to accept a heart-rate adviser and motion detector (for barometer your walking pace).

Here are some added examples of customized analysis accessories you could build:

  • Ecology monitoring
  • Claimed health
  • Acclimate monitoring
  • A adaptable accessory that builds on the "three Rs"
  • Reduce, reclaim and recycle – the Nokia Eco Sensor Abstraction is congenital aloft all three of these basal attempt of decay reduction. Emphasis will be placed on abstracts use and reclaim in the phone’s construction:
  • Printed electronics
  • Bio-materials
  • Reclaimed materials A buzz for the energy-conscious consumerTo complete the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept, the buzz and detector units will be optimized for lower activity burning than phones in 2007 in both the accomplishment action and use. Alternative activity sources, such as solar power, will ammunition the sensor unit’s ability usage. Thus, we aim to actualize a self-powered analysis accessory to abate assurance on external, non-renewable activity sources.
  • Electronics
  • Display screens
  • Alternative activity sources
Innovative Services

The possibilities to acquaint artistic and advantageous adaptable applications and web casework that body aloft the ecology abstracts calm from such a architecture abstraction are numerous. These casework can ambit from claimed bloom ecology and improvement, to all-embracing aggregate efforts to advance acceptable affairs choices. Even actual simple ecology variables can accompany about atypical solutions back aggregate and chip into a all-around arrangement of adaptable explorers.

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